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Source: The Movie Fund Blog. Invest in Film. Feb, 2015

Why Invest in Film? The Benefits…

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a part of the next blockbuster?  Want to investing in film but think it’s out of your reach? Looking to make an investment and want the best return on your investment (ROI) that you can achieve?

There are many reasons why people from all walks of life invest in a film or movie with The Movie Fund… a passion for film and movies, a good return on investment, to be a part of the film industry, a financial stake, a family legacy, tax relief and savings, part of a financial portfolio, or it can be that the investor simply wants to be behind the scenes in a producing capacity.  Whatever it is, investing in films and movies is fun, exciting, inspiring, beneficial to you financial status, oh, and different!


For many film, movie and small business investors, it is often a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to meet the stars, rub shoulders with celebrities, attend premieres and parties, not to mention the other perks that come with distribution, i.e. merchandise, posters, interactive games, DVDs and BluRays, even signed copies of the script and film set stills, visits to the set during filming, a Director’s or Producer’s chair with your name inscribed on it!  Some investors in a film through The Movie Fund have been more involved than others by having a cameo role in the film or a film credit by investing in film.


There are a variety of ways in which you can investing in film and movies: as an ‘angel’ investor, via a film financing organisation, as a private investor, through a crowd-sourcing platform, through a hedge fund, via an independent financial adviser, through equity finance or a venture capitalist or you can visit The Movie Fund and choose which films, movies, documentaries and series you would like to be involved with.  Organisations, such as the UK Film Council, Media Desk UK, British Screen Finance, the Department for Culture, Media and Sports, and FilmFour also provide details of where you are able to invest in the film industry.


The Movie Fund’s producers want to achieve the best ROI they can for a film and distribute the film or movie to as wide an audience as possible for an investor by investing in film.  Many different film and movie genres go on to not only break-even, but significantly surpass their budgets, ensuring that all investors generate greater revenues that often expected, often within the first year!

In the UK, the Government is keen to back the film industry and have created a range of incentives for investors in films and movies that can lead to a substantial tax relief and rebates on your investment in the project.  The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and GAAP film partnerships, organised and managed by professional financial advisers, have been set up for investors into films and movies and can provide a range of savings including 20% relief on income tax, 40% deferral on Capital Gains Tax, 40% relief on loss, and 100% relief on Inheritance Tax; not only is this your opportunity to become a part of the unique and exciting world of film, but you will also be supporting the British film industry.

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As with any financial investment, there is an element of risk but with the professional advice from an experienced film financial investment advisor, any risks will be minimised.  In addition, utilising the UK’s tax relief incentives, your investment can be mitigated to 50% or less, in some cases as much as 90%, should the film not achieve its predicted return on investment.  The Movie Fund works hard reducing any risks even further by selecting an influential cast, backed by the best executive and production directors, supported by highly experienced publicity and distribution partners.  Any film or movie that The Movie Fund produces has been carefully planned, reviewed by leading industry professionals, and gained substantial support.  Our entertainment lawyers, auditors and fund managers are highly respected within the film industry, and are there to ensure that your investing film is handled with the utmost care.


As any film investor will know investing in film, spreading your investment across a selection of projects in your portfolio is another way of protecting your financial investment further.  Add the aspect of the UK Government’s tax relief incentive, your movie investment is probably less likely to be affected from financial market adversity; the entertainment industry is one of the few industry’s that ‘goes against the grain’ when it comes to the worldwide recession!

The Movie Fund is completely transparent; we work closely with the leading Hollywood talent agencies that are providing finance for independent films and other projects. We also work with the top studios, helping them develop and fund new entertainment projects.  This is your unique and personal opportunity to become involved with a range of projects of all genres, where you can create your own movie stake investment, and we are currently in talks with producers and A1 list film stars who are in the position of having a studio deal that can bring their project to life.


Invest in an Indie film… Bollywood!  Learn how films, movies and documentaries are made, and videos; understand film funding grants and avoid the investment scams!  Become involved with an independent film; have a go at writing a script; star in your movie in a cameo role; the world literally can be your oyster when you investing in film or a project with The Movie Fund.  We are currently looking for new investors, ‘angels’, hedge funds, private investors, investment from film financing organisations, Christian investors, crowd sourcing investment… Not only that, we provide the opportunity to earn shares (long term investments only) as well as interest on production loans for short term gains (2% to 20%).  Whatever the type of your investment, be it small, medium or large, our customer service team comprising of and experienced Industry Advisory Board of film experts, are there, 24/7, to help you with any questions you may have.

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As an investor with The Movie Fund, you have the opportunity to be credited as an Associate or Executive Producer, take part with a cameo or extra role, and see you name as part of the film credits on the website and in the movie.  You will have the opportunity to visit the film set and watch the professionals, receive your personal, signed copy of the script, and go home with signed film set stills.  Fancy a bit of the glamour?  No problem… be a VIP at your home-town screening, trip the lights fantastic at the after show parties, walk the red carpet at world premieres, film festivals and exclusive private events, meet the stars in the Green Room and find out what really goes on behind those closed doors of the cutting room!  You will be one of the first to hear all the gossip, the latest news, gadgets and technology that nobody else knows about… go on, let your imagination run away!


Just about all of us have a favorite film, enjoy a visit to the cinema, or have bought a video, DVD or BluRay to watch at home.  How many times have you thought, “I can do that, I’ve got a great idea for a film…”  At The Movie Fund, we can help you develop that idea, that plot, that short story you’ve recently written; we can help bring your imagination to life.  Either way, how great would it be to sit in a cinema, or at a film premiere, and watch your name come up on the big screen?  And you’re making money in the process!

Your investing in film is your legacy… something that you and your family, your children, your grandchildren, can look back on in years to come.  At The Movie Fund, we can make your dreams a reality, we can help fulfil your lifelong ambition, we can bring you excitement, fun and inspiration, and we can turn your investing in film into a profit.

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We believe you won’t find any other investment as exciting and fun as investing in film, or a movie, or a documentary, or any other project.  It’s story-telling that is magical, it’s glamour with all the perks, it’s memorable, it’s the entertainment industry.



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