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Press Release Distribution

In addition to automatically posting your press release to thousands of popular news sites, we send your press release to editors and reporters at newspapers, magazines, trade publications, TV, cable TV and Radio. This process assures that the correct people and news sites receive your press release.

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See your press release in search engines and thousands of news sites for Newspapers, Radio Stations and TV Networks.


Once we have fully distributed your press release and verified everything, we will provide you with:

– A list of journalists that we reached
– Links to the first 25 sites that post your release
– A link to track hits to your press release online
– A link to your press release in Google News

You can choose for your press release to be distributed within 24 hours, or at a later date of your choosing.

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Our media list is divided into 507 categories so that we can target the journalists that are looking for press releases on your topic. We target individual journalists from our list of 801,284 media contacts. Each press release is sent by itself, not grouped together with other press releases. We target the journalists that cover the topic of your press release. This is a sample of the Press, Film and Tv contacts in California. We can provide you with a full list of contacts per country, per state or per city.


The Movie Fund has a extensive database of worldwide Media Contacts that can be used free of charge for all our Film makers to promote their pages. Please contact us for more details to promote your Movie page.