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Movie Investing

Movie Investing

Movie Investing is one of the best forms of investments.

If you haven’t enjoyed the stock market’s plot line in recent years but you’re still able to stand the suspense—then you might want to go to the movies.

While industry estimates reveal that 60 percent or more of movies produced each year are box- office flops, those that do resonate with viewers can generate a pretty penny for investors.

Consider the 2009 hit comedy “The Hangover,”which cost $35 million to make, and earned a cool $242 million after production costs.

Other, low profile films that generated a hefty return on investment, ROI, according to Baseline Intelligence, a Los Angeles market research firm which tracks the industry:

  • “The Blind Side,” which cost $35 million and earned $221 million at the US box office.
  • “The Blair Witch Project,” which cost just $300,000 to make, and earned an eye-popping $141 million domestically.

And then, of course, there’s the holy grail of low-budget independent films, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” which was produced for $5 million and had gross worldwide revenue of $369 million. (Slideshow: Most Profitable Films.)

“Any failures are magnified, but investors really get to see the upside potential of movies compared to say, real estate,” says James Jaeger, an independent film director and owner of Matrixx Productions.

Even those that flop in the theater, he notes, still have the potential to break even or produce a profit in the overseas markets, through video-on-demand contracts, DVD rentals and product- licensing deals.

And don’t forget, they’re a non-correlated asset, meaning the success or failure of cinema is not influenced by the ebb and flow of Wall Street, a prized characteristic of alternative investments since they theoretically helps to balance one’s portfolio.



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