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The Movie Fund, the Best Investment Companies for Filmmakers


Being one of the most prominent investment companies, the Movie Fund is a one stop source for investors as it offers accredited investors and high net worth individuals with a chance to invest in potentially high profitable movie related companies, high profitable films and projects. It also offers members of the public to engage in the film and entertainment business through crowd and equity funding. The Movie Fund remains as a powerful niche for anyone who wants to submit movie projects, scripts, ideas and the film related projects, which necessitate financing via equity funding and crowd funding and by using a vast network of hedge funds and investors as a source for the movie finance. The Movie Fund also offer a number of efficient movie production tools like film distribution submission, legal documents and a great network of industry professional desiring to collaborate with co-productions.

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How the Movie Fund work:

The Movie Fund engages in working with the leading directors, producers, actors, distributors and film companies in Hollywood. If you prefer investing in movie production and want to be a part of the exciting film industry, then you are at the right place. You have to choose your desired movie from the movie fund website, most of which are not featured. You can even register with the Movie Fund to receive weekly newsletters along with updated about the latest movies as well as the movie related projects, which have been uploaded to the website. If you are a script writer, a filmmaker or just want to get a great idea, consider getting your scripts and movie for investment and turn your dream true.


Being a film investor in The Movie Fund, you can prefer backing your favorite film or select a slate of films to make your investment secured and safer and increase your possibilities of a hit. You can just contact The Movie Fund to obtain the full archive and choose from the movies that you are interested in and they will be sending you the scripts of movies. The other particulars related to the movie like SAG approvals, profit potential, storyboards, investor packages, ROIs can also be availed.

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Why seek the services of The Movie Fund:

Just like a Kickstarter or Indie Go-Go, filmmakers are capable of self promoting their own page to sell posters, DVDs and even provide speaking roles and cameo to member of the public who assurance money. The Movie Fund is partnered to the merchandise company to offer filmmakers with branded products like pens, keyrings, T-shirts and posters to sell to the public. Not like any other crowd financing websites, these finances will be made available instantly to the movie makers to promote their movie campaigns and to further support their pre-production and campaign. Filmmakers can request for pre-production financing from The Movie Fund to set up the film budgets, to pay for writing or re-writing scripts, create investor packages and finance features of pre-production.



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