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movie finance companies

movie finance companies

Movie finance companies that can help filmmakers take advantage of Film Investors the new trend of equityfunding (and crowdfunding) movies; film financiers investing in Film and members of the public & angel investors investing in movies. We provide film financing agreement and film finance agreements for a well thought out film finance plan. This unique, equity investment platform, will speciliase in film finance and have experts in film slate financing providing its film investors with the ability to create their own movie slates for investment. Bringing together Film funding partners,  film financing companies, film financiers and Movie producers, with writers and directors, it’s the one-stop shop for filmmakers to find movie investors and film financing. One thing that many new filmmakers fail to realize is that there is a huge investment of time, effort and energy required in the movie financing, film finance and funding of any film. Orson Welles was once quoted as saying, “I spend 5 percent of my time making movies and the other 95 percent of the time looking for the money to make them.”

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