The Movie Fund is an investment platform for Hollywood Produced Movies.

It is a cutting edge technology, film finance and investment company that helps Hollywood Producers and Directors take advantage of the new trend in equity funding.

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Investment Company

Investment Company

Investment Company Basics: I Need Funds For My Movie

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Investment company — this is a term you have probably come across while trying to work out your next steps when investing your finances. Where do I even begin? What are the risks? How do I do it? Relax. We are here to take you through it. Let’s start from the top though. What is such a company? Well, it is usually some sort of trust or corporation that invests the pooled capital, i.e. assets such as money, of investors in financial securities, i.e. shares or bonds. They can either be publicly owned or privately owned.

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These investment companies will manage, market, and sell funds to the public to gain investors. For these investors, there is a comfort in knowing that the company will be able to offer them a lot of feedback on their investment — such as record keeping, portfolio managing, and also the very crucial realms of custodial, legal, accounting, and tax management.

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Investment Company

For the investors, there is the benefit of greater security when they invest, with less hassle, as the company deals with many aspects of the investment. For someone producing or making a film, it means that you deal with the company, sometimes known as a movie fund company or a film fund sponsor, and the company tries to find you investors who are willing to back your project — in this case, a movie. So that’s your 101 on investment companies. Now, what about your movie? How can The Movie Fund help you? For the individual investors or investment companies, we offer security, expert advice and access to a rich network of experts. See more here: