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Hedge Fund Investments

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Hedge Fund Investments

Hedge Fund Investments — A Big Budget Film Finance Option

If you are looking for big budget film finance, you will have probably already explored some of the options that are available to you, including using the services of a traditional angel investors or investment companies, websites, equity investors, and film financing companies. However, one option that is becoming more and more popular is hedge fund investments for film funding. You may have heard of a hedge fund before. This involves capital being pooled from a number of organizations and/or individuals in order to finance the investment in question, in this case the funding of a film. A lot of people get hedge fund investments confused with mutual funds, however, they differ because hedge fund investors tend to invest in liquid assets and the leverage is uncapped. There are no restrictions regarding the type of investments hedge fund investors go for, and they are having an increasing presence in the film industry. In fact, it is believed that over the past few years, hedge fund investors have been responsible for $4 billion worth of the financing in Hollywood.

Legendary Pictures who created The Dark Knight franchise and Jurassic World, is a great example of a production company started with $500 million from five New York City hedge funds. The Movie Fund also has an extensive database of hedge fund companies and currently has a $500 million investment opportunity out to this hedge fund database. To be part of a hedge fund, you typically must have a high net worth with a good investment portfolio. Hedge funds have hundreds of millions, even billions of assets under management, and this is why filmmakers and producers are particularly interested in securing large film financing in this way. Although the process takes times, they feel reassured because it is likely that the individuals and investors involved in the fund will have a significant degree of business expertise and financial acumen. It is also one of the most flexible investment options as well, which is why you should certainly consider a hedge fund when looking for investments for your big budget movie.

Hedge Fund Investments

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