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Funding Films

Funding Films

Where Can You Find Movie Investors?

Traditionally, there have been three ways to find movie investors for your projects: relationships, referrals and research.
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Relationships mean those nearest and dearest to you – your family and friends. They may help you out because you’re close to them and they want you to succeed. Don’t feel guilty about asking them – they may even get offended if you don’t ask for help! Friends and family are a great source of soft cash for early funds. Referrals are also very important too.

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By asking family and friends to spread the word about your project, they may refer your work onto others who can either fund or provide some other asset – such as contacts. Finally, research sees you appealing to a certain market that may be interested in your idea. By reaching out to this group, you’re expanding the reach of your project to those who are interested. But all of this is hard work. What if you had an investment company who did everything for you?

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Funding Films

The Movie Fund is that company. Their network and range of contacts allows filmmakers to reach out to those movie investors who can give a project what it needs – funds and contacts. It is a wide community of filmmakers, producers, directors, actors and investors. Our weekly newsletter is also full of tips that can help you succeed in our industry too. The Movie Fund doesn’t just give you a chance to secure investors; it can also give you the chance to secure your crew too.