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Film Financing Companies

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Film Financing Companies

Tax Breaks for Film Financing Companies & Film Finance Inc.

Award-worthy independent films with a solid cast can be the most obvious and economically efficient route for film-financing-companies. It is well worth investigating what countries, states and provinces have to offer in terms of tax benefits. The Movie Fund has film tax experts to help with this section of your shooting locations, with professional contacts in tax heavens like Louisiana, Georgia, Atlanta, and Canada. In Canada, for example, it is possible to get 50 percent of your budget back from tax breaks.

Film Financing Companies

Many filming locations will provide great tax incentives for moviemakers to film on location in their geographical areas because it encourages tourism and creates hundreds of jobs, thus massively contributing to the local economy. Perhaps unsurprisingly, for instance, California offers a handsome tax credit to film makers to the tune of 25 percent for 75 percent of production days. Ohio is another great example of a state that is also a great choice for cash-strapped filmmakers, having made $29 million available to the film industry. It is well worth looking further afield, too. In the United Kingdom, EIS film tax and the Producer’s Tax Credit was introduced in 2007, resulting in a direct cash subsidy to the producer from the Government Treasury. It is also important to have a good understanding of Section 181 of America’s Jobs Creation Act of 2004. This provision was included to offer film funding tax incentives specifically to certain types of film investors and people intending to finance television projects. It enables financiers and investment companies to deduct the money they have invested from their passive income from that year, so it offers a very attractive incentive to get involved in film financing and Film Finances Inc. Hello.