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Film Financing Companies

Film Financing Companies

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The Benefit Of Marketing For Film Financing Companies

While the benefits for both the filmmaker and the investors are clear, what about the investment company? Recently, there has been a huge increase in marketing budgets. Since, generally funds raised for movies won’t cover advertising, and thus further funding from all sorts of other sources is important. This can be done through the likes of product placement. Such methods don’t need to be obvious, although the infamous scene in Wayne’s World proved that it was possible to make a joke out of the whole scenario of product placement for film financing companies…

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“Sorry for the pause, I was just finishing a can of refreshing Diet Pepsi!” But it can be subtle too. If the placement isn’t over-the-top, products can be seamlessly blended into a movie’s plot while, at the same time, helping to fund the film’s marketing expenses. This can also be furthered by having these placements appear in trailers and ads for the film, through merchandising and via licensing contracts.

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This can be a hard thing to manage and pull off so factoring in costs for marketing your film is important to you and film financing companies. If you were to go through a crowdfunding film website like The Movie Fund, you’d be able to layout your plans for a marketing strategy – and ask for the marketing funds too. With a number of leading financial advisors and entertainment lawyers, and a database of 150 film festivals worldwide, 145 movie/film sales agents and 350 film distributors & buyers worldwide, we know the right people who could help market your movie.

Film Financing Companies

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