The Movie Fund is an investment platform for Hollywood Produced Movies.

It is a cutting edge technology, film finance and investment company that helps Hollywood Producers and Directors take advantage of the new trend in equity funding.

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Film Finances Inc

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Film Finances Inc.

Film Finances Inc. entered onto the scene, changing the face of the film world by providing moviemakers with a way to acquire the film funds they needed without facing huge potential financial losses. This influential investment company and film finance company is still in operation today, having successfully enabled the production of an unbelievable number of television series and films. When it comes to this form of film finance, the company will determine whether the project is a workable idea before they agree to issue a completion guarantee. This involves assessing everything from the budget to the script. If they are happy, staff meet to discuss the movie in further detail, and a legal letter of intent is drawn up to assure all involved of project completion, which minimizes risk substantially. takes this concept seriously. We work directly with our filmmakers, vetting and only selecting certain projects which are developed enough to start requesting production funds. The company has an obligation to vet its investors for its filmmakers and producers and also approve the film projects for film financing to its investors.

Film Finances Inc.

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