The Movie Fund is an investment platform for Hollywood Produced Movies.

It is a cutting edge technology, film finance and investment company that helps Hollywood Producers and Directors take advantage of the new trend in equity funding.

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Film Angel Investors

Film Angel Investors

The Movie Fund can help you package your movie and financial forecasts before it goes out to investors. An investor or investment company will have a lot of experience in other activities and investments. It is unlikely that film investing will be their first venture. A lot of wealthy and high profile individuals also enjoy the rewards and perks that come with working in the movie industry, including filmset visits, IMDB credits, after-show parties, film premieres, and even cameo roles. They don’t only see it as an opportunity for enjoyment, but for networking, too. If you want to secure the investment of one of these individuals, it is definitely worth using the services of a professional company like The Movie Fund to ensure your project is an attractive proposition for investors. Please visit today! 

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The Movie Fund is a ground breaking, new movie financing and distribution portal working with a number of successful producers on many independent and big budget movies. The platform is a revolutionary new equity funding, crowdfunding, and user generated content incubator supporting the movie and entertainment industry, connecting film fans and investors with filmmakers, producers, and directors.

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Start today working with The Movie Fund’s network of producers and film finance advisors, and understand investing in a project where the moviemaker and investment company understand the legal requirements and how to benefit from the relevant tax incentives. Products offered by The Movie Fund include: movie shares, movie investments, film finance, film funding, equity funding, crowdfunding, film production, film funds, film scripts, movie trailers, packaged movie properties, I.P. and entertainment content, book and movie rights, film services, angel investors, investment companies, independent film finance, movie studio and big budget movies, genre movies, project creation and finance, movie rewards and perks, walk-on and speaking roles, producer and director databases, film distribution, and movie marketing.

Film Angel Investors

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