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Film Finance

Film Finance

Film Finance & What You Need To Know

Financing independent films is notoriously tough. This is not solely a problem for newcomers to the scene. Even the most established and experienced producers may have difficulties in sourcing the right type of film funding for their projects. Crowdfunding internet sites like are just one innovation to have revolutionized the way moviemakers fund their projects, putting them in touch with passionate investors who can help them take their ideas from paper to the big screen though the power of crowdfunded film finance.

Film Finance


There are many different types of investors that may have interest in the film industry and movie financing. One of these investors is an ‘angel film investor’. As a first time filmmaker or producer, you may consider an angel investor to invest in your movie production. An angel investor is someone with disposable income who invests in the growth of a film, normally in the beginning stages of a small project, or pre-production. More often than not, this investment will take place early on in the process, with many film investors making their investments during the start-up phase, and thus being able to negotiate better equity or interest in the movie. For instance, Quentin Tarantino’s film Reservoir Dogs took off after an investment from actor Harvey Keitel, who had agreed to act in the film, and with his assistance, Tarantino raised $1.5 million to make the movie. This is why angel investors are a very common way to fund films, as filmmakers require funds from the outset to attach cast or get teasers, trailers, or movie packages created to attract further funding.

Not only do angel investors aid with film finance, but they also provide their own professional or business expertise to assist on the movie as well. Moreover, independent film investors don’t always fund a project alone, but can work as part of a bigger syndicate or group of angel investors, as Harvey Keitel did for Tarantino.

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