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The Movie Fund is used for Independent Film Financing. It a revolutionary, new film financing platform working with a number of Hollywood’s most respected Producers, Actors, Talent Agents & Directors on raising film finance for their big budget movies & TV shows.

This unique Movie Investment Company will aim to help support the Industry, connecting high net worth individuals, hedge funds & film finance companies with A-list Filmmakers, Producers & Directors. The Movie Fund has an extensive database of over 35,000 online film investors, angel investors & hedge funds who are looking to finance films across all genres and production budgets. Today, The Movie Fund’s combined film budget totals over $1.2 billion spread across 550 Movies from renown Producers and Directors in Hollywood.

The Movie Fund works with a number of highly trusted, professional legal and accounting firms in all aspects of the business to make sure your investment is used in a proper manner. Each company or professional has a proven track record of working on quality projects and making substantial profits in the business.

We have used our extensive Industry network to vet the very best projects with the highest potential success rate either by return on investment (ROI) or potential multi-award worthy projects. The resources and articles on the website show extensive knowledge on how to finance a movie, how to finance a film, how to fund a movie and how to get film financing for all types of filmmakers. The investors on the MovieFund website can support first-time filmmakers or passion projects from established Hollywood Movie Producers .  The Website also allows VIP members to send private messages to film investors, movie financing companies and film finance companies who have signed up to website.



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