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Hedge Fund Film Financing

Source: Hedge Directory. 2015

Hedge Fund Movie Alternative Investments

Hedge Fund Film Financing and Hedge fund managers are the ‘new kids on the block’ when it comes to financing movies.  Attracted by the diverse portfolios and potential returns on investment, particularly if the movie goes on to do well from DVD sales, hedge fund investment management is a popular alternative to the Stock Exchange or Dow Jones.  Hedge funds are private, yet unregulated, investment schemes that can often prove to bring big profits.  Investing in films is, to a hedge fund investor, an equity investment.

As with any financial investment, there is a risk but hedge fund managers seem to have found a way of reducing those risks, thereby making investment into the film industry a viable and often profitable investment.


As well as the benefits of rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous of the film industry, hedge fund investors will also reap the advantageous tax breaks; Capital Gains Tax Relief and Capital Gains Tax Deferral, Loss Relief and Inheritance Tax Exemption (see Enterprise Investment Scheme).  Studios nowadays have got wise and have developed strong investment structures that should make a healthy return on investment for hedge fund managers.


Over the past few years, managed hedge funds were the main source of investment for many films, principally due to the lack of confidence in the traditional financial markets, and despite the rise of alternative funding methods.  Hedge Fund Film Financing fund managers tend to investment hedge funds in a slate financing, i.e. investing in a group, or ‘slate’, of films, being able to provide sufficient funds to finance a series of movies.

Hedge Fund Film Financing fund managers select a slate of films and then encourage investors to contribute funds, although there is usually a distribution fee paid to the studios to cover prior to any profits being distributed to investors.  Funding a slate of films through hedge fund investment has highly impacted the film industry since 2000-2001; films have made to distribution thanks to hedge fund managers that in the past wouldn’t have become commercial or even have been made.  However, there is a down side for the bigger studios; yes, hedge fund investment has helped to increase the level of capital raised and spread the risk inherent with the film industry, but it may reduce potential profits as more investors mean more ‘pieces of the pie’ being distributed.

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