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Filmmakers & Movies Finance

The Movie Fund is a powerful platform for anyone wishing to submit film ideas, scripts and movie-related projects that require funding. We also provide a one-stop shop for filmmaker with a rich network of seasoned industry professionals willing to collaborate and give their advice on all aspects of the film making process. Similar to ‘Kickstarter’ and’ Indiegogo’, filmmakers can upload projects and self promote your pages to attract ‘crowdfunding’ and ‘equityfunding’ investments which can be accessible immediately for your production. Click here to Upload Movie.

The Movie Fund Investor Database

The Movie fund works closely with our custom built database of HNWs, investors and hedge funds who we update with new projects with on a bi-weekly basis. The Movie Fund uses this networks of movie investor

s to find larger investments needed for your project. The database includes:

  • 5,000 hedge fund managers.
  • 600 Venture Capital Funds
  • 450 family asset managers.
  • 150,000 high net worth individuals with an interest in the movie industry.

The Movie fund is here to help filmmakers with starting funds for pre-production script development, film budgets, location scouting, castings, talent attachment and investments for production and post-production funding.

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Budget finance & Production support


The Movie Fund is a one-stop shop for filmmakers, enabling them to source budget finance and production support for their movie/film projects, with unique benefits:

  • Filmmakers can aim to raise anything from $50 to $50million+.
  • Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and union support.
  • Need a star? Access to a wide range of talent agents & negotiate fees.
  • Access a pool of script writers to help you develop your script.
  • Support from Advisory board members & leading industry professionals.
  • Receive funds to develop a script or market your film project.
  • Support with legal fees & film contracts & tax incentives for investors

Profit Prediction Movie Comparison Research

The Movie Fund can help you develop your production budget and investor packages by providing filmmakers with resources and access to movie comparison tables such as below. An example of movie comparison research for high grossing, low budget independent films.

Financial Advisors

The Movie Fund works with the leading financial advisors entertainment lawyers in the business to advise filmmakers investors on the unique tax relief government backed capital gains incentives for investing in the film business which are available for Filmmakers.

Pre-Sales, Distribution & Film Festivals

Once you have finished your movie and are ready to market and sell it; The Movie Fund can act as a producer’s representative and use its contacts & distribution database to submit your film to:

  • 150 film festivals worldwide.
  • 145 movie/film sales agents.
  • 350 film distributors & buyers worldwide.

Join the Movie Fund Community

The Movie Fund is first and foremost a community of filmmakers, producers, directors, actors and investors; we invite our members to our events at film festivals and award shows worldwide. We are a rich network of talent and a vital support network to help you on any aspect of the filmmaking process. Contact us today to get our weekly newsletter and details on the many ways our members can help you in succeed in the film business.