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Film streaming is the constant presentation of a film or movie to a consumer via a provider, such as BT or Virgin.  Online movie streaming is the process of delivering a movie or film via another medium, such as your laptop or television and also using apps.  Consumers are even able to start watching the movie before the streaming movie has finished transmitting. It is the best way to watch film by online.

Online film streaming that is live is delivered over the Internet and the movie requires an encoder to digitise the content, a media publisher, and a network in which to deliver and distribute the movie. Those are more popular way to connect with viewers. Many of the company develop their apps for Film Streaming from online by using as smart phone. Some of website has free channel for Film Streaming as low internet speed. It’s easy to check like a digital platform with HD quality video.

In the mid-1990s, Microsoft designed and developed a media player, known as ActiveMovie, which include a proprietary streaming format and was the precursor to their current Windows Media Player.  Apple then developed QuickTime which was adopted alongside RealPlayer and Windows Media streaming formats by most film delivery websites.  Consumers needed to download the respective streaming application but this meant that they could end up with upto three different streaming formats.  Later, Adobe created Flash and this is the principal single, unified streaming format that most video hosting sites use today, i.e. YouTube, to stream movies online to consumers.

behindscenes19Film streaming is being able to watch movies and films online, instantly, via your computer, television, iPad, or any device connected to the Internet.  Streaming movies can be live or on-demand, but a fast broadband speed is recommended.



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