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Film Financiers

Film Financiers

Film Financiers should buy The Handbook is split into three parts, each roughly taking a third of the book.

Part I, Theory and Practice, takes you through all the aspects of independent film finance, and includes various case studies and interviews throughout.

  • Chapter 1: Getting Started gives an overview of the film industry, with essential background information and advice on how to prepare yourself and your project in the best way to attract finance.
  • Chapter 2: Low & Micro-budget Filmmaking looks predominantly at ways to reduce budgets for low and microbudget films – while still putting the maximum value onto the screen – through tips, interviews and case studies with independent filmmakers.
  • Chapter 3: Production Financing describes in-depth all the various aspects of production financing. It explains the types of financier that tend to provide funding, what type of deal they want in return, how they need to interconnect with each other, and what needs to happen for the film to turn a profit. We cover step-by-step the entire range of film finance currently available, including Soft Money, Equity, Deferments, Pre-Sales, Gap, Sales Advances, Negative Pick-ups, EIS and Venture Capital, Sponsorship and Product Placement. We also illustrate the roles of the various other companies integral to the financing process, including Sales Companies, Distributors, Discounting Banks, and Completion Guarantors.
  • Chapter 4: The Internet explores how tools, networks and services on the web collectively offer the independent filmmaker great power for financing, marketing and distributing their films, and some of the ideology which underpins these developments. We’re pleased to say this chapter was talking about crowd-funding long before Kickstarter and IndieGoGo launched!

Part II, International Incentives, provides information on incentives for 50 countries, in many cases written together with local specialists. We cover all the popular countries in depth, and bring to your attention a number of others with attractive and interesting regimes.

Part III, Funding Directory provides a full breakdown of 1,000 public funds available from over 300 organisations around the globe. Wherever possible, we include details on their criteria, objectives and (most importantly!) the amounts they are willing to provide.

Reference section also provides

  • 400-term glossary of financing and film business jargon
  • Sample delivery schedule
  • International co-production treaty table
  • Recoupment schedule
  • Table of financing contracts
  • Further reading
  • Internaitonal producer organizations



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