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In 2013, the movie crowdfunding industry was worth over $5.1 billion worldwide, and this number continues to grow, today the entire crowdfunding industry is worth $32 Billion with more and more people joining. People who choose to support crowdfunding campaigns often have a personal interest in the project or theme and are often made up of friends and family to start with. Equally, they can be completely unrelated people who just want to get involved in a new project or idea. Crowdfunders are typically just as interested in soft rewards as they are in making a profit. They may value the feeling of having contributed or the opportunity to access a particular perk or reward. When it involves film financing, this can be receiving movie merchandise, attending filmset or red carpet film premieres, meeting celebrities and actors, or even appearing in the movie.

The days of waiting tables in Hollywood with hopes of bumping into some big name producer or actor or director to fund your movie that you happen to have on you are officially over. If The Veronica Mars Movie, a show that hasn’t been on television in a decade, can raise $5.7 million on Kickstarter, you can too.

Crowdfunding is an emerging option for filmmakers to raise film funding for films. Crowdfunding sites are an innovative way forward when it comes to modern film financing. In fact, crowdfunding and equity funding are concepts that are appearing all over the place these days, in a wide variety of contexts. Most recently, the “Gosnell Movie” filmmakers have raised $2.3 million for the movie, a crowdfunding website designed specifically for investing in movies.



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